Turkish Navy Commenced Kararlilik-2019 Exercise At East Med

Turkish Naval Forces has begun Kararlilik-2019 large scaled naval exercise on Monday (16th September). The exercise will last until 22nd September 2019 at the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean, with participation of frigates, corvettes, assault boats, amphibious ships, submarines, maritime patrol aircrafts, sea helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles and Underwater Attack, Underwater Defense Teams and coast guard boats.

Within the scope of the exercise, live firing exercises and trainings for basic naval warfares and amphibious operations would be conducted under crysis scenarios.

Name of the exercise, “Kararlilik”, means determination. It’s clear that this exercise, which is being conducted amid conflict at east mediterranean, is a strong political message from Turkey to rivals about how determined they are.

Turkish drill ships Yavuz and Fatih still working at the south and north of the island in spite of objections.