Naval Post is the U.K. based online defense media company, focused on Warships, Submarines, Naval Air, Marines, Coast Guard, and Naval Missiles. It has started in 2016 with the name of “Naval News”. In 2021 it has changed its name to Naval Post.

We are both active on the website and social media accounts. Our content is trusted and consumed by key decision-makers through government agencies and defense companies. Naval News readers include:

  • Military Personnel (Especially Naval Forces)
  • Senior Naval Forces staff
  • Worldwide procurement and R&D commands
  • Defense manufacturing and services industry executives

We offer a comprehensive range of message delivery options for the discerning advertiser. From website banners to social media posts (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Tumblr, Youtube, etc.) we have lots of options for our partners.

The Naval Post’s online and social media channels will be a very good advertising tool for your company. It maximizes exposure and credibility by reporting your company’s specific news.

Naval News’ marketing team provides good services to fulfill your needs in maximizing your company’s messages and impact.

The website and all social media accounts are run by professionals.

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