Turkish Led Multinational Mine Warfare Exercise: NUSRET-2019

Nara Naval Base

Exercise NUSRET 2019, a Turkish-led multinational Mine Warfare exercise, has commenced with the participation of allied countries of Turkey on the 4th of October at Canakkale. The opening ceremony of “NUSRET-2019 INVITEX” was conducted at a museum ship named NUSRET, which is seen as a heroic mine-laying ship by Turkey.

Commander of Turkish Mine Fleet Rear Admiral Rear Admiral Mehmet Baybars Küçükatay made a speech at the opening ceremony and stated that the NUSRET exercises that are planned every year, is an actual mine warfare exercise hosted by the Turkish Navy. The main aims of the exercise are to improve combined combat capability, increase operational capacity, and strengthen relationships among NATO allies and partner nations.

After the ceremony, a small exhibition of Turkish defense companies was held at Nara Naval Base and at Castle of Nara.

Participants :

Turkish Navy: 6 minesweepers, 1 Command and Control Ship (also mine-layer), 1 corvette, 1 patrol boat, 1 helicopter, 1 underwater defence team, 4 F-16 jets, 1 C-130 aircraft, 2 Coast Guard Boats.

SNMCMG-2: 1 Command and Control Ship from Italy, 4 minesweeper ships from Turkey, Italy, Spain and Greece.

Romania: 1 Hydrography Vessel, 1 Lightweight Autonomus Underwater Vessel, 1 EOD Team.

U.S.: 1 EOD Team

Belgium: 1 EOD Team

Greece: 1 EOD Team

Totally 63 observers and 5 staff officers from Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Qatar, Kuwait, Pakistan and Romania.

Exercise will last until the 20th of October.

Official video published by Turkish MoD