Turkey test-fires indigenous anti-ship missile Atmaca

Atmaca anti-ship missile
Photo Courtesy : Turkish Presidency of Defence Industries

Turkish defence company Roketsan carried out a new test-fire of Atmaca Anti-ship missile on Jul 1, 2020, Turkish Presidency of Defence Industries announced via Twitter. The missile was fired at a target 220 kilometres away and hit it successfully.

As shown at the video below, the missile was cruised to its target at the sea-skimming mode which requires to fly with a low altitude from the sea surface. It has been observed that the guided projectile hits the simulated target on the surface with a very low CEP value.

Turkish Navy had conducted another successful test-fire of Atmaca anti-ship missile from the TCG Kinaliada corvette, the fourth Ada-class anti-submarine warfare corvette manufactured under the Turkish national warship program on November 2019. Atmaca is expected to enter service at the second half of 2020 as the replacement of Harpoon Missile, which is the main surface-to-surface missile of the Turkish Navy.

Atmaca is a high precision, long-range, surface-to-surface, precision strike anti-ship missile which can be integrated to patrol boats, frigates and corvettes. It was developed by Turkish defence company ROKETSAN. The Atmaca ASCM will enter service with the Turkish Navy by mid-2020. It will also replace the Turkish Navy’s inventory Harpoon ASCM.

The missile makes use of its global positioning system (GPS), its inertial navigation system and its barometric altimeter and radar altimeter sub-systems to navigate towards its target, while its active radar seeker pinpoints its target with high precision. With a range of +200 kilometres (+110 NM), this guided missile poses a major threat for targets situated beyond the line of sight due to its high explosive fragmentation warhead. Its modern data-link provides ATMACA with the ability to update targets, re-attack and terminate the mission.

atmaca anti-ship missile
Atmaca anti-ship missile

Technical Specifications released by Roketsan :

  • Length : 4,800 – 5,200 mm
  • Weight : < 800 kg
  • Range : > 200 km
  • Guidance : Inertial Navigation System + Global Positioning System + Barometric Altimeter + Radar Altimeter
  • Warhead Type : High Explosive with Penetration
  • Warhead Weight : 250 kg
  • Seeker: Active RF