Ulstein Verft Presents World’s Largest Hybrid Vessel

Nature-friendly hybrid vessels which uses natural power for propulsion is a promising development for the survival of nature. Hybrid technology is becoming more commonly-used at cars, but barely used at sea vessels. Importance of this ferry, which is a gift from Ulstein Verft to nature, is about being a clock signal to naval vessels which consumes lots of fuel.

The world’s largest plug-in hybrid vessel, Color Hybrid, has been delivered from Ulstein Verft to Color Line. Color Hybrid is a plug-in hybrid, where the five-megawatt batteries can be charged with environmentally friendly power from shore power in Sandefjord, Norway.

The new vessel will replace MS Bohus on the route between Sandefjord, Norway, and Strömstad, Sweden. She has a maximum speed of 17 knots and will sail silently in and out of the fjord of Sandefjord without harmful air emissions, as her batteries provide enough power to sail 12 nautical miles. The battery pack weighs 65 tons and can be recharged in one hour.

The propulsion system features four Bergen Marine B33:45L diesel engines.

Color Hybrid has a heat reservoir of five megawatts which utilizes heat from both the wake and the exhaust for heating. She also has a greenhouse on deck powered by the reuse of waste heat for onboard production of herbs and vegetables.

Measuring 160 meters in length and 27.1 meters in the beam, the vessel has capacity for 2,000 passengers and 500 cars.

This ship could be an example especially at naval cargo or tank carrier vessels.