The UK to provide new missile boats for the Ukrainian Navy

Ukrainian Navy
Photo Courtesy of Kyiv Post

According to an article shared by Kyiv Post, new missile boats for the Ukrainian Navy will be designed in the UK as part of a previously signed memorandum on re-equipping the Naval Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

“These missile boats are designed specifically for Ukraine, so they will be original and will have a length of approximately 50 to 65 meters, which will provide a speed of 40 knots. It is planned to install artillery systems and missiles on them. It depends, among other things, on what kind of missiles are needed. And these can be short- or long-range missiles. This is the issue that British companies are considering right now. But these will be missiles of a new class, specially designed for Ukraine by the British industry,” Defence Attaché at the British Embassy Tim Woods said in an interview with the Day newspaper.

He said that the first four boats would be constructed in the UK. At the same time, Ukrainian shipbuilders will be able to observe construction, learn and train.

Woods said that the second part, namely, four missile boats, will be constructed in Ukraine. It will be great for Ukrainian shipbuilding and the Navy so that these capabilities will be available in Ukraine.

The attaché believes the construction of the first ship will start in early 2022.

Woods also said another option that their study has not yet been formalized; it is the joint design of the British industry’s warships with the Ukrainian design bureau in Mykolaiv.