Turkish companies announce ASW variant of ULAQ USCV

Artistic image of ULAQ ASW Variant

Turkish defence companies Ares Shipyard and Meteksan announced the ASW variant of the ULAQ Unmanned Surface Combat Vehicle (USCV) on 23 April.

There is no officials statements about the details of the new vessel.

Two days before the announcement, the companies raised the curiosity in public with a PR activity. On 23 April, which refers to the 101st anniversary of the Turkish’s parliament as well as National Sovereignty, they unveiled the new variant with a motto; “Darkness of the sea is not safe anymore”.

The ULAQ ASW is 11.8 meters long and can proceed up to 25 knots. The vessel will be fitted with two lightweight torpedoes, submarine detection sonar and sonobuoys. According to the company brochure, it will be controlled with shore/ship stations or drone relays. The satellite connection and control issues are not apparent.

The infographic of ULAQ ASW variant

The design phase of the ASW variant has been completed; the producers have been planning to complete the prototype by the end of this year.

The first variant of ULAQ‘s missile firing tests is scheduled to be conducted in May, and the prototype is expected to be ready in the second half of 2021.

ULAQ has emerged as a result of the cooperation of two Turkish Companies. Meteksan Defence is known for its sonar, UAV control systems and data links products. It is the developer of Turkish Milgem Sonars and Bayraktar UCAV landing radars, and control systems. It has produced the Kement data link system for missiles midcourse guidance. Ares is a composite boat maker who delivered more than many boats to several navies and coast guards.