The German Navy awarded RAMSYS a contract for the delivery of ten RAM launchers

The German Navy awarded RAM-System GmbH (RAMSYS) a contract for the delivery of ten Rolling Airframe Missile (RAM) launching systems to be installed and integrated on the second batch of already procured K130 class corvettes.
The RAM weapon system is part of German and US Navy ships self-defence capability against anti ship missiles (ASM), air targets and fast surface targets in the close range, and is one of the key systems for their combat readiness. The launching system is able to fire all deployed RAM Block 0, 1A and 2 missiles, as well as next generation missiles Block 2A and B.
Apart from the transatlantic cooperation partners, the navies of Eqypt, Greece, Japan, Mexico, Qatar, South Korea, Turkey and the UAE rely on RAM’s self-defence weapon system capabilities .
Prime contractor RAMSYS, together with its shareholders Diehl Defence and MBDA Germany and US-Partner Raytheon Missile Systems, are responsible for the development and production of the RAM weapon system within this US-German RAM cooperation.