The Chinese naval training ship Qi Jiguang (Hull 83) visit to Thailand

The Chinese naval training ship Qi Jiguang (Hull 83), which is on an oceangoing mission, arrived at a military port in Sattahip of Thailand for a four-day friendly visit on Nov. 26. This is the last leg for the ship’ s mission.

Over 600 people including Chinese military attaché to Thailand Zhang Li, staff members from the Chinese Embassy in Thailand, officials of the Royal Thai Navy, representatives of China-funded institutions and overseas Chinese in Thailand, were at the pier to welcome the ship.

During the four-day visit, naval officers and soldiers of China and Thailand carried out activities such as ship visits, exchanges, friendly sports matches and deck receptions.

Sattahip, located in the southeast region of the Bay of Bangkok, Thailand, is home to the Royal Thai Naval base. Sattahip hosts the headquarters of the Thai Navy Combat Fleet and Marine Corps as well as the First Fleet of the Thai Navy.

In recent years, there have been deepening exchanges between the navies of China and Thailand, and the two sides have conducted pragmatic cooperation in areas such as maritime safety and personnel exchanges.