The 1st Type 26 frigate’s blocks come together for the first time

Type 26 HMS Glasgow
Use of photo courtesy of BAE Systems

The aft block of HMS GLASGOW, the first City Class Type 26 frigate being built for the Royal Navy, has been rolled out of the build hall to join the forward block at BAE Systems shipyard on the River Clyde, BAE Systems announced.

In a busy period for HMS GLASGOW, teams at Govan shipyard prepared and completed a series of complex manoeuvres to bring the aft block out of the ship block and outfit hall and into position to meet the forward block. This significant moment brings the two blocks together, and for the first time the full size, scale and elegant lines of HMS GLASGOW are out in the open.

The aft block contains the versatile mission bay and hangar which is capable of supporting helicopters, boats, mission loads and disaster relief stores, while the flight deck is capable of landing a Chinook helicopter for transport of embarked forces.

HMS GLASGOW is the first in a new generation of cutting-edge Type 26 frigates, designed and built in her namesake city. The Type 26 programme supports more than 4,000 jobs across the UK, making a significant contribution to the nation’s economic recovery by maintaining much-needed skills and capabilities.

type 26 hms glasgow
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Type 26-class frigates:

Type 26 is the original variant of BAE Systems’ Global Combat Ship, which Australia and Canada have both selected as the reference design for their anti-submarine frigate programmes, supporting greater operational, training and intelligence ties between the three nations.

The ship will have a displacement of 6,900 tonnes, a length of 149.9 m (492 ft) a beam of 20.8 m (68 ft) and a top speed in excess of 26 knots (48 km/h). The Global Combat Ship will have a core crew of 157 with room for a total of 208. The Global Combat Ship is designed for up to 60 days’ endurance and a range of approximately 7,000 nautical miles (13,000 km).

Located at the stern are facilities allowing for the deployment of rigid-hulled inflatable boats, unmanned surface vehicles or a towed array sonar. A large Integrated Mission Bay and hangar is located amidship, enabling a variety of missions and associated equipment. Aircraft similar in size to the Boeing Chinook can be flown off the large flight deck, and the hangar can accommodate up to two helicopters the size of an AgustaWestland AW159 Wildcat or AgustaWestland Merlin. The hangar also has space to accommodate unmanned aerial vehicles.

Hunter-class frigates will be equipped with 12 cell-VLS containing 48 Sea Ceptor surface-to-air missiles, 24-cell Mark 41 VLS for Tomahawk TLAM/VL-ASROC/LRASM/CAMM/ESSM. The frigates will be equipped with 5-inch 62-calibre Mk 45 Naval Gun, 2×30 mm DS30 Mk2 guns, 2xPhalanx CIWS and several miniguns.

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