Swedish defence company Saab has announces new anti ship missile system, ‘RBS15 Gungnir’

Swedish defence company Saab has announced the RBS15 Gungnir next generation anti-ship missile system will be shown at the Farnborough International Airshow 2018 for the first time.
♦️Specifications of RBS15 Gungnir :
▪Length: 4.35 m
▪Fuselage diameter: 0.50 m
▪Wingspan: 1.40 m
▪Weight (in flight): 650 kg
▪Weight (with boosters): 810 kg
▪Seeker: Active radar
▪Speed: 0.9 Mach (subsonic)
▪Range: >300 km
▪Warhead: ~200 kg
▪Trajectory: Multiple 3D waypoints
▪Navigation: INS and Anti-Jam ▪GPS Service life: 30 years
▪Launch platforms: Aircraft, ships and trucks
▪Target set: Manoeuvring ships at sea, stationary land targets
▪Other : °Seastate adapted sea skimming
°Data link capable
°On board altimeter
°New composite airframe
°All weather capability
°Advanced Electronic Protection
°Land attack capability
°Reattack capability
°Simultaneous time on target
°Low altitude High G terminal maneuvers