Russia’s Marshal Shaposhnikov frigate returns to service after modernization

Marshal Shaposhnikov
Photo Courtesy of TASS Agency

The upgraded frigate Marshal Shaposhnikov carrying Kalibr and Uran cruise missiles has entered service with the Pacific Fleet’s constant alert forces, the Fleet’s press office reported on 27 April.

“The Pacific Fleet’s frigate Marshal Shaposhnikov has completed the program of shipbuilders’ trials after its repairs and upgrade and has entered service with the Pacific Fleet’s constant alert forces. At sea, the warship proved the compliance of its manoeuvrable and speed capabilities with stated characteristics and demonstrated the reliable operation of its systems and mechanisms and navigation and radio-technical equipment,” the press office said in a statement.

At combat training naval ranges, the frigate test-fired Kalibr cruise missiles against the sea and aerial targets accomplished a series of artillery firings, attacked a notional enemy’s submarine with torpedoes and depth charges, struck an air target with Kinzhal surface-to-air missiles and practised electronic warfare measures.

The crews of Ka-27 anti-submarine warfare and rescue helicopters checked the warship’s upgraded helipad. The pilots of the Pacific Fleet’s naval aviation successfully performed flights from the frigate’s deck during its halt and while on the move.

The frigate Marshal Shaposhnikov underwent repairs and an upgrade at the Dalzavod Ship Repair Center in Vladivostok in the Russian Far East. During its upgrade, the Project 1155 large anti-submarine warfare ship Marshal Shaposhnikov was converted into a multi-purpose frigate capable of fighting ground, naval and underwater targets.

The frigate received the latest Kalibr-NK and Uran strike missile systems and the most advanced artillery armament. Its firepower increased several-fold compared to the original designation. The warship currently carries two versatile shipborne launchers for 16 Kalibr-NK and Oniks cruise missiles and eventually for Tsirkon hypersonic weapons.

marshal shaposhnikov
Russia's Marshal Shaposhnikov frigate returns to service after modernization 2

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