PNS NASR arrived at Karachi Port after three months of deployment

PNS Nasr
Photo courtesy of Pakistan Navy

After completing three months of successful Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR) Mission to African countries, Pakistan Navy Ship NASR arrived at Karachi Port.

During the African continent deployment, PNS NASR delivered 1000 tons of rice as a gift from Pakistan’s people in Djibouti, Sudan, Benin, and Niger. The Ship also undertook a goodwill visit to Mombasa, Kenya. The HADR mission was planned after Niger was hit by flash floods and drought in 2020, causing widespread devastation.

During port calls, the Ship was extended a warm welcome by the higher authorities of host navies. As a gesture of goodwill and humanitarian support, food aid was handed over to Djibouti, Sudan, Benin, and Niger’s local authorities. The dignitaries of host countries paid special tribute to the Government of Pakistan and Pakistan Navy for this kind gesture and humanitarian assistance. Besides, during interactions, warmth and mutual desire to further strengthen friendship bonds between Pakistan and the visiting countries were also highlighted.

Upon arrival at Karachi Port, PNS NASR was received by Commander Pakistan Fleet and other high-ranking officials from Pakistan Navy besides reps of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA). PN band was also present on occasion and played Pakistan tunes and the national anthem.

The mission was planned in line with the Govt of Pakistan’s policy of ‘Engage Africa’ to open new vistas of bilateral cooperation with African countries and further strengthen friendship bonds.

PNS Nasr:

PNS Nasr (A47), is a Fuqing-class replenishment tanker currently in service with the Pakistan Navy. She was designed, constructed, and built by the Dalian Shipbuilding Co. in China as a Type-095/Fuqing class in 1980, and purchased by the Pakistan Navy in 1985.

After undergoing a refit to gain the capability to act as a replenishment tanker, she was commissioned in the Pakistan Navy on 26 August 1987, and is currently in service.

pns nasr
PNS Nasr (A47) in Colombo Harbour in Sri Lanka in 2017 (Credit: Wikipedia)

There are a total of six transfer stations amidships, with four liquid cargo transfer stations followed by two dry cargo transfer stations. The helicopter landing pad is located at the stern, but there is no hangar. Originally designed for Harbin Z-5, the length of the landing pad was 22 metres (72 ft 2 in), but subsequently extended by an additional 5 metres (16 ft 5 in) for larger Changhe Z-8. The PNS Nasr is capable of providing 10,550 tons of fuel, 1,000 tons of light diesel, 200 tons of fresh water, 200 tons of drinking water and 50 tons of frozen food.

Each liquid cargo station is equipped with a 60-metre (200 ft) long, 102 mm (4.0 in) diameter nylon hose and is capable of providing fuel at a rate of 100 to 150 tons per hour. PNS Nasr is designed to provide liquid and dry cargos for three destroyers.