NATO Maritime Command kicks off Dynamic Mongoose ASW exercise

Dynamic Mongoose
Photo courtesy of NATO MARCOM

NATO’s anti-submarine warfare exercise Dynamic Mongoose began on 28 June 2021.

Dynamic Mongoose is an exercise held in the High North every summer. It is hosted consecutively by Norway and Iceland, where surface ships, submarines, as well as aircraft and personnel converge for anti-submarine warfare training. This year’s exercise Dynamic Mongoose is being executed off Norway and also benefit airbase support from UK and Iceland. Each surface ship will have the opportunity to conduct a variety of submarine warfare operations.

Dynamic Mongoose provides the opportunity for personnel from participating nations to engage in realistic maritime training to build experience, teamwork and knowledge that strengthens our interoperability as we work toward mutual goals. During the exercise submarines will take turns hunting and being hunted, closely coordinating their efforts with the air and surface participants.

“By exercising and validating our anti-submarine warfare capabilities, tactics, techniques and procedures during Dynamic Mongoose 21, NATO will be better prepared to counter, and if necessary, defeat a subsurface threat during an emerging crisis or conflict. I look forward to working closely with the units that comprise our surface task group as well as the other Dynamic Mongoose subsurface and air participants. I am confident that collectively we will be able to operate effectively in a sub-surface threat environment, where joint warfighting proficiency with submarines, maritime helicopters and maritime patrol aircraft is essential to mission success,” said Commodore Bradley Peats, Commander of Standing NATO Maritime Group 1.

“Although the exercise area is relatively smaller, the airbases provided by three Allied Nations this year will let us showcase how capable NATO is, in terms of conducting large scale anti-submarine warfare operations in the North Atlantic. Our sailors and airmen will be doing their best again and we believe our units will successfully conclude this challenging exercise,” said Vice Admiral Didier Piaton, Deputy Commander of Allied Maritime Command.

The strength of NATO military forces lies with the command, control and communication structure which can only be practiced realistically during live exercises such as Dynamic Mongoose.

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