Iran commissions indigenous destroyer “Dena” and minehunter “Shahin”

Photo courtesy of IRNA

Iranian Navy commissioned an indigenous destroyer named “Dena” and minehunter “Shahin” with a ceremony held in Bandar Abbas on 14 June.

Iran’s president Hassan Rouhani attended the ceremony online.

“The defence ministry has achieved a major task today in supplying two ships to the Islamic Republic of Iran, the destroyer Dena and a minesweeper,” said Rouhani during the event.

Head of the Iranian Defense Ministry’s Marine Industries Organization Rear Admiral Amir Rastegari said that the Dena destroyer was the fifth project of the ship-based missile launchers four of which had earlier joined the Iranian navy.

He added that the fire control system used in Dena is one the newest systems made by Iran Electronics Industries which is capable of tracking 40 targets completely and engaging with over five targets simultaneously.

He noted that the telecommunication system of Dena is modern and has anti-jamming capability.

According to Iranian state-owned agency IRNA, the Dena destroyer was the fifth project of the ship-based missile launchers. The other four ships are already in service with the Iranian navy.

The new destroyer was initially planned to be commissioned in February 2020. By the end of 2020, Brigadier General Hatami said “the new destroyer would enter service soon”, as Naval Post reported. Probably COVID-19 pandemic caused the delay.

Though Iranians call the new asset a “destroyer”, she is a light frigate with a length of 95 meters and displacement of 1500 tonnes.

Meanwhile, the Shahin minesweeper was manufactured by the Iranian navy forces and experts in Marine Industries Organization.

Shahin is fitted with a high-tech navigation system and can neutralise a wide range of mines in the sea.

Iran’s new minesweeper Shahin (IRNA photo)

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