USS Nebraska Tested Trident-II Missiles

The U.S. Navy has reported on Friday that has Ohio class of nuclear-powered submarine tested four life-extended Trident II D5 missiles to validate their performance. “The U.S. Navy conducted four scheduled missile test flights of unarmed Trident II (D5) missiles from USS Nebraska (SSBN-739), an Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine, off the coast of Southern California this week,” a service news release states.

The first two launches took place Sept. 4, and the last two were Sept. 6. All occurred before sunrise.

These test flights were part of a Commander Evaluation Test (CET) whose primary goal was to validate performance expectations of the life-extended Trident II (D5) strategic weapon system.

These launches mark 176 successful flights of the Trident II (D5) strategic weapon system. CETs and other flight tests are conducted on a recurring, scheduled basis to evaluate and ensure the continued reliability and accuracy of the system. The missile tests were not conducted in response to any ongoing world events.

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