Turkmen Navy’s Tarantul Class Corvette fires Kh-35 missile in the Caspian Sea

Turkmen (Turkmenistan) Naval Forces’ Tarantul Class Corvette conducted a live missile firing in the Caspian Sea. The ship fired a Kh-35 Uran anti-ship missile. The missile hit its target successfully. The Turkmen Tarantul Class corvettes are capable to carry 16 missiles. There are two Tarantul Class corvettes in Turkmen Naval Forces, Edermen (828) and Gayratly (829).

Video Credit: Instagram @turkmen_esger

The Kh-35 Uran (Russian: Х-35, AS-20 ‘Kayak’) is a Soviet turbojet subsonic cruise anti-ship missile. Turkmen Naval Forces have 75 Kh-35 Uran missiles in its inventory.

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KH-35 Missile
Length:4.4 m (14 ft)
Diameter:0.42 m (17 in)
Wingspan:1.33 m (4.4 ft)
GuidanceInertial, satellite navigation, active/passive radar
Range7–260 km (4–162 mi; 4–140 nmi)
Seeker range50 km (31 mi; 27 nmi)
SpeedMach 0.8–Mach 0.85 (609–647 mph; 980–1,041 km/h)
Cruising altitude
Terminal altitude
10–15 m
4 m
Warhead145 kg (320 lb) penetrating HE frag
The specifications of Kh-35U missile

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