Turkish Shipyard laid the keel of 2nd Milgem-class corvette of Pakistan

Photo courtesy of Turkey Embassy of Pakistan

Keel laying ceremony of the second MILGEM Class Corvette being constructed for the Pakistan Navy was held today at Istanbul Naval Shipyard (INSY), Turkey Embassy of Pakistan announced with a press release.

Pakistan Embassy’s press release as follows;

Commodore Ehsan Ahmed Khan, Chief Naval Overseer (Turkey) of Pakistan Navy stationed at Istanbul Naval Shipyard, was the chief guest. Senior management of M/s ASFAT, INSY, representatives from Turkish Lloyd and other dignitaries, and Naval Attache of Pakistan Embassy Ankara Captain Mazhar Bashir attended the ceremony.

While addressing guests at the ceremony, Commodore Ehsan said today’s event is a defining moment to cement further the bonds of brotherhood and friendship between the two strategically aligned nations with shared values, culture and faith. He acknowledged the commitment and dedication of M/s ASFAT, INSY and the Turkish Ministry of National Defence for meeting the challenging construction schedule despite the ongoing global pandemic.

The event marked an important milestone in the construction schedule for the 2nd MILGEM Corvette built in Istanbul Naval Shipyard for the Pakistan Navy. Pakistan Navy has concluded a contract with M/s ASFAT to construct four corvettes, out of which two are being built at INSY whereas the remaining two are being built at Karachi Shipyard and Engineering Works. These corvettes will be fitted with state of the art surface, sub-surface and anti-air weapons and sensors integrated through an advanced Network Centric Combat Management System.

The induction of MILGEM corvettes will significantly enhance the maritime defence and deterrence capabilities of the Pakistan Navy, ensuring secure and stable seas. These corvettes will become a core element of the Pakistan Navy’s kinetic response to traditional and non-traditional challenges and maintain the balance of power in the Indian Ocean Region.

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Keel laying ceremony of the 2nd Milgem-class corvette built in Turkey (Source: Turkey Embassy of Pakistan)

In October 2019, the Turkish President and Pakistan Navy Chief Admiral had cut the metal plate of the first MILGEM class corvette during a ceremony in Istanbul. On June 04 2020, the keel-laying ceremony of the first MILGEM class corvette for the Pakistan navy was held at Istanbul Naval Shipyard. The keel laying of the second corvette was conducted on October 25 at Karachi Shipyard and Engineering Works (KS&EW) in Pakistan.

MILGEM-Class corvette:

MILGEM project is a national warship program of Turkey. Managed by the Turkish Navy, the project aims at developing multipurpose corvettes and frigates that can be deployed in a range of missions, including reconnaissance, surveillance, early warning, anti-submarine warfare, surface-to-surface and surface-to-air warfare, and amphibious operations.

The contract for four MILGEM class corvettes for Pakistan Navy with concurrent Transfer of Technology (ToT) was signed with ASFAT Inc, a Turkish state-owned Defence contractor, in 2018. The ToT entails constructing two corvettes at Istanbul Naval Shipyard while another two at Karachi Shipyard & Engineering Works (KS&EW).

MILGEM vessels are 99 meters long with a displacement capacity of 2,400 tons and can sail up to 29 knots. Corvettes are medium-sized boats bigger than ordinary patrol boats and smaller than warships but can be used for any military purpose. It has the capabilities to be used in any warfare missions.

The vessel is equipped with state-of-the-art weapons & modern sensors, including surface to surface, surface to air missiles, anti-submarine weapons and Command & Control system. Induction of this ship in the Pakistan Navy would significantly add to the lethality of the Pakistan Navy’s capabilities and contribute to maintaining peace, security and balance of power in the Indian Ocean Region. These Ships are being constructed as per modern Naval Ship class standards with stealth features.

Other specifications:

  • Beam: 14.4m
  • Draft: 3.9m
  • Propulsion: CODAG (Turkey); CODAD (Pakistan)
  • Speed: 15 to 30 knots
  • Range: 3500 nautical miles (Turkey)
  • Crew: 93
  • Weapons: 1x gun 76 mm OtoMelara; 2x 12,7mm STAMP; 8 × Atmaca; 21 × RAM Block; 2 × 324 mm Mk.32 triple launchers for Mk.46 torpedoes (Turkey)
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Turkish Navy’s Milgem (Ada)-class corvettes TCG Heybeliada (F-511) and TCG Büyükada (F-512)