Russian patrol ships hold live-firing drills in the Black Sea

Russian Navy
Dmitry Rogachev (Russian MoD)

The Russian patrol ships of the Black Sea Fleet, Dmitry Rogachev and Pavel Derzhavin conducted gun firings in the Black Sea within the scope of drills to detect and eliminate drones, the TASS agency reported.

“The Russian patrol ships Dmitry Rogachev and Pavel Derzhavin of the Black Sea Fleet’s Novorossiysk naval base held artillery firings at naval combat training ranges in the Black Sea. In the course of combat exercises, the warships’ crews successfully struck all the surface and aerial targets and held shipborne electronic warfare drills by setting up short-range passive radar interference,” the press office said in a statement.

The warships conducted an air defence exercise in the first stage of the drills, practising an algorithm of operations for detecting and eliminating a fictitious enemy’s low-flying small-size aerial targets. In the drills, unmanned aerial vehicles from the Black Sea Fleet simulated the aerial enemy, according to the press office.

“Under the scenario of the drills and as part of accomplishing designated assignments at a naval combat training range, the warships’ air defence teams spotted unidentified targets classified as unmanned aerial vehicles. The warships’ air defence systems were readied for their employment. After identifying the aerial objects as the enemy, the air targets were destroyed by the warships’ air defence capabilities,” the statement says.

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Russian Navy’s Pavel Derzhavin patrol ship

As part of the naval manoeuvres, the crews of the warships practised preparing a helipad for a helicopter landing on the deck. The firefighting teams practised emergency measures in a helicopter landing operation during the drills, according to the press office.

Following the completion of the drills, the crews returned to their home naval base and began operations in accordance with the Russian Black Sea Fleet’s naval taskforces’ plan, according to the statement.

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