Russian Navy Be-200ES Amphibious Aircraft Performs Its Maiden Flight

Credit: United Aircraft Corporation

The first Beriev Be-200ES amphibious aircraft ordered by the Russian Navy has performed its maiden flight on Feb. 14, United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) announced.

The aircraft took off from the Beriev factory airfield for the maiden flight. Following the completion of further test flights and acceptance tests by the Russian Navy, the aircraft will be delivered to the Russian Naval Aviation.

The Beriev Be-200 Altair  is a multipurpose amphibious aircraft designed by the Beriev Aircraft Company and manufactured by Irkut. Marketed as being designed for fire fighting, search and rescue, maritime patrol, cargo, and passenger transportation, it has a capacity of 12,000 litres (3,170 US gallons) of water, or up to 72 passengers. Beriev Aircraft Company and Irkut now fall under the umbrella of the state-owned United Aircraft Corporation.

The Be-200ES is a multipurpose amphibious aircraft version of Be-200 and features enhanced performance and increased maximum takeoff weight. The Be-200ES is certified for at sea operations with sea state 3, at least 2.6 meters depth, and waves of up to 1.3 meters tall. Currently, Be-200ES is the production standard for the Be-200 aircraft.

Russian Naval Aviation currently has 359 aircraft in its inventory according to the  The aircraft types and quantity:

MIG-31 Interceptor24
MIG-29K Multirole23
SU-30SM Multirole22
SU-24 Attack22
SU-33 Multirole20
SU-25 UTG CAS/Attack Trainer4
Ka-27 ASW Helicopter90
Mi-8 Medium Lift Helicopter17
Ka-29 Maritime Attack Helicopter16
Ka-52 Attack Helicopter4
Mil 24/35 Gunship/Transport Helicopter2
An-26 Tactical26
An-72 Tactical5
An-140 Tactical4
Tu-154 Transport2
An-24 Tactical1
Il-18D Tactical1
Tu-134 Flight Trainer6
L-39 Advanced Jet Trainer4
MIG-29KUB Fighter Trainer4
Il-20 Crew Trainer1
Tu-142 Patrol/ASW24
Il-38 Maritime Patrol20
Be-12 Search and Rescue6
An-12 Search and Rescue5
Ka-31 AEW&C3
Il-22 Electronic Warfare2
Il-20 Maritime Patrol1
Yak-130 Advanced Jet Trainer (On Order)10
SU-30 SM Multirole (On Order)6
Be-200 Search and Rescue (On Order)4
Be-200 Amphibious Transport (On Order)4
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Be-200ES Credit: United Aircraft Corporation