Russia Designs Submersible Patrol Ship “Strazh” (Страж) Capable of Carrying Guided Missiles, UAVs and Torpedoes

Submersible Patrol Vessel
Strazh Submersible Patrol Vessel

Russia’s Rubin Central Design Bureau (part of United Shipbuilding Corporation) has unveiled an extraordinary submersible patrol ship design, named “Strazh” (Страж) (Border and Offshore Submersible Sentry, BOSS).

The innovative design is a submersible patrol ship that combines the advantages of a submarine and a surface patrol ship. At the beginning, the project is intended for foreign customers.

“The cost of patrol ships in the world market is relatively low, which makes them acceptable for countries with a small budget. The ship is multifunctional, can be used for patrol, protection, as well as a rescue or research vessel. When choosing equipment, we focused as much as possible on existing samples, which are mass-produced and commercially justified, including equipment for surface ships and aircraft. ” says United Shipbuilding Corporation on its Instagram account.

The submerged position gives the ship two advantages at once: the ability to conduct covert surveillance of intruders (and successfully intercept them) and escape from adverse weather conditions without interrupting the patrol. A submersible ship can be used as a classic submarine for reconnaissance and other tasks.

It will have more capabilities for underwater survey missions more than a surface patrol ship. It can also serve as a low-cost training tool to prepare crews and infrastructure for the future procurement of classic submarines.

The ship resembles Project 613 submarines, the most massive series of the Soviet submarine fleet, which was in great demand by foreign customers. The main characteristics are also similar: displacement – about 1000 tons, total length – 60-70 meters, depending on the configuration, crew – up to 42 people, including the inspection team.

1440px s 189 in saint petersburg - naval post- naval news and information
Submarine S-189 (project 613) currently being turned into museum

At the request of the customer, the ship can be equipped with torpedo armament, small guided missiles and small-caliber artillery mounts. Provides boats for inspection teams, as well as an unmanned aerial vehicle with an autonomy of 2-3 hours, released without leaving people on deck.

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