Pakistan Navy Task Group visited Port Victoria

Pakistan Navy Task Group comprising PNS KHAIBAR and PNS NASR visited Port Victoria, Seychelles during an Overseas Deployment to East African countries and Island States of Indian Ocean Region.
PNS KHAIBAR is a Type-21 frigate and PNS NASR is a combat support ship.
Cdre Javaid lqbal, Commander 9th Auxiliary & Mine Warfare Squadron is commanding the Pakistan Navy Task Group as Mission Commander.
During the visit, the Mission Commander along with Commanding Officers of the Ships held meetings with military leadership of Seychelles and discussed matters of mutual interests. This included call on with Ambassador Maurice Loustau Lalanne, Minister of Tourism, Brigadier Leopold F Payet, Chief of Seychelles Peoples Defence Forces, Mr Kishnan Laborite, Commissioner of the Seychelles Police, Mr David Andre, Mayor of Victoria and Ms Sheryl Vartgadasamy, Special Advisor (Police) to Minister of Home Affairs.
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