Navantia to build Avante 1400-class OPV for the Royal Moroccan Navy

Avante 1400-class OPV of the Venezuelan Navy "Naiguatá" sank following its ramming of the polar ice class cruise liner RCGS Resolute while in international waters on 30 March 2020

Spanish giant shipyard Navantia will build an Avante 1400-class Offshore Patrol Vessel for the Royal Morran Navy, the company shared with a tweet on 8th January. Spanish Finance Minister Maria Jesús Montero made the announcement during her visit to the Navantia’s facilities.

The vessel will be similar to the coastal patrol vessel built by Navantia for the Venezuelan Navy.

“Since last September, the contacts between Navantia and the Moroccan National Defense Administration have been permanent to adapt all the technical specifications of the ship to the requirements of its Navy and comply with the roadmap agreed in the negotiation”, says Navantia’s officials.

“It is also studied that different commercial options for its shipyard in Cartagena, where the S80 submarine is currently being built, and Ferrol, where the F110 frigates for the Spanish Navy will be built.” the officials added.

Currently, the Royal Moroccan Navy operates Lazaga class patrol boats and Descubierta-class corvette build by Spanish company Bazan shipyard now Navantia.


Avante 1400 is a class of offshore patrol vessels or BVL (Spanish: Buque de Vigilancia de Litoral) designed for patrol duty in the economic exclusive zone. The 80 mt ship, which is currently in service for the Venezuelan Navy, has 1500 tons of displacement. The maximum speed of the ship is more than 22 knots, the ship can accommodate 35 crew and 29 additional people as well.

Avante 1400 is outfitted with 76 mm gun and 35 mm serial gun. The ship also has a 2D Air/Surface Search Radar, EO fire control system and ESM. The ship is able to carry medium size helicopters like AB-212 or Eurocopter AS-565. It’s equipped with a Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat (RHIB), it also has 2 ramps for additional RHIBs as well.