Leonardo presents a new family of small-calibre naval turrets: Lionfish

Photo Courtesy : Leonardo

Leonardo introduced Lionfish, its new family of small-calibre remotely controlled turrets with a press release last week.

The new line consists of four models, which feature advanced technologies including Ultralight, Inner Reloading and Top of 12.7 mm calibre, and the model 20 of 20 mm calibre.

Equipped with a common architecture, the Lionfish family of turrets has a compact and low weight structure.

The different models proposed make it a versatile suitable for installation on board any type of ship, as a primary and secondary defence system. The new technologically advanced systems are easy to use, reducing crew training times and guarantee reliability and minimum maintenance.

The remote control of the turrets, which takes place via a local control console, and the suite of Leonardo’s electro-optical sensors which they are equipped with, allows the identification of targets with precision, both at night and during the day.

Border control, the prohibition of maritime traffic, self-protection and the defeat of any type of threat such as asymmetrical surface, including helicopters and drones, are among the operating scenarios in which the system is able to guarantee effectiveness.

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