iXblue to provide forefront sonars and INS for MCMV project of Belgium & Netherlands navies

Image Courtesy of Naval Group

Belgium Naval & Robotics selects IXblue as the forefront sonars’ supplier and the navigation system for the Belgian and Dutch mine countermeasures vessels, Naval Group announced. These new assets will grant superior capabilities to the ships in terms of increased detectability with the sonars and higher reliability and navigation system safety.

iXblue will provide the inertial navigation solutions for the naval platforms of the MCMV program, from surface ships to surface and submerged UAVs and Towed Sonars.

By ensuring resilient navigation and positioning and extreme accuracy, and real-time detection and analysis of mines, obstacles, and other detected objects, Ixblue will offer a complete and fully integrated navigation solution that will contribute to the protection of Mine Countermeasures vessels and their crews.

The front sonar FLS 60 will ensure precise and real-time mine detection, while iXblue’s inertial navigation system will provide resilient and reliable navigation information under all circumstances.


A Naval Group and ECA GROUP consortium – was awarded a contract in 2019 for twelve mine countermeasures vessels and their drone systems Belgian and Royal Netherlands Navies. After a design period of three years conducted by the Naval Group, Kership will execute the motherships’ detailed design and production phase. The program will span over more than ten years.

Six ships will be delivered to the Belgian Navy and six to the Royal Netherlands Navy, with a first delivery scheduled for 2024. They will be equipped with complete drone systems supplied by ECA GROUP containing a total of more than eighty underwater, surface, and aerial drones entirely dedicated to Mine Countermeasures operations.