IAI outfits Sa’ar 6 corvettes with BARAK MX Interceptors

saar 6 barak
Photo courtesy of TKMS

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is integrating offensive and defensive systems, to enhance the ‘Sa’ar 6’ corvette’s capabilities and usher the Israeli Navy into a new technological era, under the guidance of Israel’s Ministry of Defense (IMoD) and the IDF, IAI announced.

IAI’s BARAK MX interceptors along with IAI’s complete naval combat suite will provide advanced defence systems to the Israel Navy’s Sa’ar 6 corvettes. The systems will be used to protect Israel’s exclusive economic zone and strategic facilities that face diversified threats in the marine arena. The BARAK MX system was chosen after it was demonstrated to meet the operational requirements and future challenges faced by the Israeli Navy.

Boaz Levy, President and CEO of IAI, said: “The combat and air defence systems installed on the Sa’ar corvettes represents the significant tier now being integrated on the rest of Israel’s air defence array, an integral aspect of IAI’s system-wide naval solutions. With land and naval modules, the system provides a complete response to a wide range of threats and is developed to work with other systems. IAI’s air defence systems boast successful, combat-proven operational experience and we are proud to be the home of the Israeli Navy’s systems”.

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Barak MX Naval (Screenshot from the IAI presentation)

IAI’s naval solutions are battle-proven naval systems and technology, IAI sets new standards for Maritime Domain Awareness, Naval Combat Systems, Network Centric Operation, EEZ Protection, and Coastal Security. From sensors and weapon systems to integrated systems-of-systems, IAI offers a broad portfolio of solutions to the requirements and challenges of today’s naval forces.

These combat systems are designed to maximize and optimize the individual systems’ performance and capabilities in a manner that will enable them to operate synergistically with efficiency and full effectiveness.

About Barak MX Air & Missile Defense System

The BARAK MX Air & Missile Defense System developed by IAI’s is one of the world’s advanced operational air defence systems, used by IDF naval forces and the Indian Land, Navy and Air Force. The BARAK MX Air & Missile Defense System provides both wide-area and targeted defence capabilities to an array of threats, including land, air and sea. The system aggregates several key cutting-edge systems: digital radar, weapon control system, launchers, and a range of interceptors for different ranges with advanced homing devices, data-link communication and system-wide connectivity.

Developed by IAI, the BARAK family includes various range interceptors- 35 km, 70 km, and 150 km, and combines the capability to intercept various air defence threats from naval and land platforms.

Check out Naval Library App to find out the specifications of the Sa’ar 6 corvettes.

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