Did IRGC Chase Wrong Ship or Make Propaganda?

IRGC Boats
IRGC Boats

Iran has revealed that fast attack boats belong to IRGC chased down the Royal Navy Destroyer HMS Duncan and shared a video of the pursuit. At the explanation part of the video it’s written that the Type-45 destroyer is allegedly being pursued by Iranian gunboats.

The video shows a big warship from far which was being chased by armed fast boats.

On social media, like all mistakes, this issue was noticed quickly because there are lots of navy enthusiasts who can identify a ship with only a glance. Viewers on social media quickly noticed the claim that the ship identified in the video was not HMS Duncan.

Some twitter accounts about intelligence commented that “All it shows is a boat struggling to keep up with a warship, almost certainly a UAE Baynunah class corvette.”

We wonder if this is a propoganda video just to show how determined IRGC is. Probably IRGC would make an explanation in the near future.