BAE Systems to sustain critical carrier landing systems for the U.S. Navy

BAE Systems to sustain critical carrier landing systems for the U.S. Navy
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BAE Systems, Inc. has been awarded a five-year, $68.5 million indefinite-delivery, indefinite-quantity contract to continue providing lifecycle sustainment, integration, and engineering services to US aircraft carriers.

BAE Systems will leverage decades of program history to develop, produce, equip, test, evaluate, sustain, and update the AN/SPN-46(V) Automatic Carrier Landing System under the Air Traffic Control and Landing Systems (ATC&LS) Engineering Products & Technical Services (EPTS) contract awarded earlier this year.

“With this victory, BAE Systems retains a critical air traffic control contract that we have held since 1973 to provide industry-leading systems integration capabilities and solutions that ensure the safety of critical carrier-based landing systems,” said Lisa Hand, vice president and general manager of BAE Systems’ Integrated Defense Solutions business.

BAE Systems technicians are deployed all around the world to assist the warfighter. To maintain these crucial landing systems, the company’s staff use known and proven methodologies, as well as their systems engineering and software development experience. Through onsite and remote technical assistance, the company’s effort results in better hardware dependability, system precision, and reduced downtime, as well as a certified landing system.

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