UK purchases Dreadnought submarine training upgrades for Faslane

The US State Department has approved the purchase of Dreadnought trainer upgrades and training for strategic systems programmes for the UK.
According to the contract notice, General Dynamics Electric Boat has been awarded a $7,658,054 contract  to provide various labour and material items in support of the US Strategic Weapons Systems Ashore system, US Navy SSGN Repair efforts and importantly, Dreadnought trainer upgrades and training for ‘Strategic Systems Programmes’ for the United Kingdom.
HM Treasury last year approved the Initial Gate Business Case for the new submarine school to be built at Scotland’s largest military establishment, Faslane. The new school will provide academic and technical training for all Royal Naval personnel entering the submarine service from 2022.
All 11 Royal Navy submarines will be based at HMNB Clyde from 2020, seeing the number of people employed at the base will rise from 6,800 people to 8,200. The school will support the Astute hunter killer submarines, as well as the delivery of training for the new Dreadnought nuclear deterrent boats, which provide the United Kingdom with its continuous nuclear deterrent.