Turkish Preveze Class Submarines to be Equipped with SERO 400 Persicopes

STM, an important institution that carries out activities in the field of defense technologies in Turkey, made contract with Hensoldt to equip four Preveze Class Submarines with SER 400 periscopes in scope of submarines’ mid-life modernization. These submarines, actively serving for Turkish Navy, is undergoing for mid-life modernization by STM, HAVELSAN, ASELSAN and ASFAT.

The contract awarded to Hensoldt is worth about 40 million euros, the company said, adding that this was the first time that two SERO 400 systems would be combined. Totally eight SERO 400 periscopes with thermal imaging devices will be delivered.

“This is our third project with STM. Our cooperation with our Turkish partner was successful not only for the AY modernization program, which includes our SERO 250 for the Turkish Navy, but also for upgrading to Agost. ” “The decision to merge the two SERO 400, Turkey’s New Type Submarine Program (NTSP) considering partnerships with acknowledgment.” said Klaus Rettenmaier, Head of Marine Systems of Hensoldt.

Here, Hensoldt provides a combination of the OMS 100 optronics mast system and the SERO 400 periscope for REIS submarines. Additionally, the company provides equipment for periscope workshop in Turkey, including special tools.

Since 2004, more than 45 submarines have been equipped with this combination of periscope and optronic mast. The components of these combinations, the SERO 400 and OMS 110, allow the exploration and observation activities to be carried out under insufficient light and adverse weather conditions. This solution combines low visibility and ability to gather information. This helps the user to detect, monitor, diagnose and engage when necessary. This system, which is subject to continuous improvement, represents the highest level of optronic applications for modern submarines.

System Specifications :

• High Performance Optics
• HD TV Camera
• Optional SWIR
• Laser Range Measurement
• Direct Vision
• Raw Video to CMS over fiber optic cable
• Modular design
• Full Combat System Integration
• Antenna Interface Electronic Warfare Warning and Direction Finding, GPS and V / UHF

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SERO 400 Periscope and OMS 110