Turkish Navy conducts operational readiness exercises in East Mediterranean

Photo Courtesy: Turkish MoD

Turkish Navy has conducted “Operational Readiness Training” in the Aegean Sea and Eastern Mediterranean between April 15-17, Turkish Ministry of Defence (MoD) announced via Twitter on 23rd April. 33 assets including warships, maritime patrol aircraft, helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles, naval infantry units and Naval Special Operations Forces have participated in the drills.

At the statement, Turkish MoD emphasized the preventive and proactive measures taken by the Turkish Navy against the COVID-19 outbreak and stated that the measures helped Turkish Navy to maintain its operational readiness at the highest level without being affected by the epidemic.

Moreover, Turkish MoD made a press release via the official website about Pakistan’s contribution to “Operation Mediterranean Shield” which has been conducted by the Turkish Navy since 2006. PNS Alamgir (21-23 November 2019) and PNS Yarmook (10-11 March 2020) has participated in the operation so far. With the aim of taking the partnership to a new level, on 21 April 2020, mutual merchant ship information was started to be shared with Pakistan through a track transfer system developed by the Turkish Naval Forces.