Turkey and Pakistan Navy’s Special Forces Conducted AYYILDIZ-2019

Exercise Ayyildiz-2019, held in Karachi, was conducted between 15-26 th July 2019 with the participation of Pakistan Navy’s Special Services Group and Turkish Navy’s Special Forces

The goal of the exercise was to improve military relationships, improve coordination, interoperability and exchange of professional expertise in Special Operations Forces’ domain.

Personnel from both navies mutually benefited from the exercise which included anti-terrorism operations, rescue and hostage operations, counter-terrorism in maritime domain and intelligence-based operations.

Pakistan and Turkey enjoy strong bilateral relations based on foundations of brotherhood and friendship. Pakistani and Turkish defence forces interact regularly on various forums. Both the navies have been actively collaborating in various professional interactions, including multilateral and bilateral exercises.

The Turkish Navy is also a regular participant of AMAN series of multinational maritime exercises organised biennially by the Pakistan Navy since 2007.