The newest SSN of the French Navy sets out for initial sea trials

Photo Credit: Naval Group

After completing its static dive tests successfully, the first-in-class nuclear-powered attack submarine (SSN) being built by Naval group is set to start for initial sea trials, Naval group has announced on Twitter. The submarine was launched on 12 July 2019.

This first trip to the sea inaugurates the test campaign to guarantee the facilities’ capacities and the compliance with the specifications of the submarine designed and built by the Naval Group, leading to the qualification of the submarine project of this model.

The tests conducted will allow:

  • Ensure that the submarine navigates safely (watertight, maneuverability)
  • Test performance (combat system, tactical weapons)
  • Operational capabilities

Before testing at sea, the performance of equipment and systems was checked during the port testing phase. These tests are carried out both in the dry dock and in the water, under the supervision of the teams of the Naval Group, Technicatome and the authorities involved.

The tests at sea will last for several months and each test at sea will vary according to the program to be carried out. The first period, which will take place on the coast of Cherbourg, will be shorter and will last for a few days.

As requested by the French Armed Forces, the first tests at the Suffren Sea are taking place in a very special context, representing an opportunity for the Naval Group to renew its commitment to its partners to meet the needs of French sovereignty.

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