The new details of Iranian Trimaran Frigate, “Safineh”

Iranian Navy's Trimaran Frigate "Safineh"

The new graphic rendering of Iranian trimaran warship “Safineh”  published by Iranian web page. The ship was first unveiled on Nov  30, 2019, at Iran Navy Exhibition.

It is reported that the ship has a displacement of 2200 to 3,000 tons and a speed of 40+ knots. It will be equipped with 8 horizontal launchers and a 96-unit vertical launcher system, 4x 30 mm close defense systems, and a 76 mm Fadjr 27 main gun. The Safineh-class will be also equipped with Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) Radar.

According to the image, the ship will carry Standard 2, Sayad Series, Bavar 373 Air Defense Missiles, Yakhont and Noor Anti-ship Missiles and Mobin, Soumar and Ya Ali Cruise missiles. 

The ship will carry 2 helicopters and/or SEDJIL UCAV and Pelikan VTOL UAV.


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Safineh, Navy Exhibition, 30 Nov 2019