The mass production of SOM missile contract signed

The mass production contract of the Precision Guided Stand-Off Munition (SOM) Supply Program was signed by the Presidency of Defence Industries and Turkish Missile Producer Roketsan on Oct.26 .
With the agreement the number of the SOM missiles in the inventory of the Turkish Air Force is being augmented.
Stand-Off Missile (SOM) is Turkey’s first indigenous long-range, autonomous, high-precision air-to-surface cruise missile. It was designed and developed jointly by TUBITAK Defense Industries Research and Development Institute (TUBITAK SAGE) and Roketsan to defend ground- and sea-based targets.
The missile is highly effective against moving land / surface targets, high-value stationary targets, strategic assets, shelters, exposed aircraft, aircraft hangars, and command and control centres, as well as sea surface threats. It has resistance against countermeasures as well as clutter effects.
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