Singapore Navy commissioned final three Littoral Mission Vessels

Photo Courtesy : Singapore MoD

The Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) has commissioned three of its newest Independence-class littoral mission vessels (LMVs) at Tuas Naval Base on 31th January. RSS Fortitude, RSS Dauntless and RSS Fearless joined five other LMVs to replace the ageing Fearless-class patrol vessels, which have been in service for more than 20 years.

Singapore Manpower Minister Josephine Teo, who officiated at the commissioning ceremony at Tuas Naval Base, said that the commissioning of the last three was an important milestone.

This was due to Singapore’s reliance on the maritime trade and its susceptibility to a range of maritime threats, from piracy to terrorist attacks.

“We have even more reason to take pride in the vessels because they are quintessentially Singaporean, being designed and built in Singapore, by Singaporeans, for Singaporeans,” she said in her speech.

The Independence-class LMVs will strengthen the navy’s capabilities and safeguard Singapore’s waters. The vessels will be deployed to conduct search-and-rescue operations and round-the-clock patrolling.

The vessels will also protect Singapore’s sea lines of communication to promote regional peace and security.

Designed and built locally, the littoral vessels are fast, mission-flexible ships fitted with advanced radars and sensors.

The LMVs incorporate sense-making systems that help speed up the decision-making process and increase situational awareness.

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Singapore Navy commissioned final three Littoral Mission Vessels 2