SAAB announces new version of anti-ship missile

Swedish defence company Saab announced on 2 July that it had developed a new version of the RBS15 long-range fire-and-forget anti-ship missile.
On its website, the company says: “The latest member of the RBS15 family delivers a superior effect, giving forces the edge needed to stay ahead.” Also, the company has released images of new missile anti-ship missile called RBS15 Mk4 Gungnir.
It is expected that the company shortly to introduce a new version of the RBS15 missile with improved combat range, an upgraded target seeker and reduced weight compared to the present Mk3 version.
Technical Specifications of MK3 (Previous Version) :
Length :4.35 m
Fuselage diameter : 0.50 m
Wingspan : 1.40 m
Weight (in flight) : 630 kg
Weight (w. boosters) : 800 kg
Seeker : Active  radar
Speed : 0.9 Mach (subsonic)
Range : >200 km
Trajectory :Multiple 3D waypoints
In the near future, SAAB plans to provide details of the new missile and to hold a presentation.