Russia’s latest nuclear submarine Kazan enters White Sea for trials

Photo Courtesy: TASS

The first submarine of the upgraded Project 885M (Yasen-M class), the Kazan, has entered the White Sea for sea trials, Russian Navy’s Northern Fleet press service announced on 22nd September.

“Ships and assistance vessels of the Northern Fleet’s White Sea naval base initiated another stage of sea trials of the newest Kazan multipurpose nuclear submarine of the upgraded Yasen class. The submarine crew […] tests systems and mechanisms in the underwater position,” the press service said.

The TK-208 Dmitry Donskoy heavy nuclear ballistic missile submarine is involved in the Kazan’s trials, among other ships, the press service said. After the trials are complete, all ships and vessels will return to their permanent base in Severodvinsk.

The Kazan submarine was laid down on July 24, 2009 and launched in 2017. It is expected to join the Russian Navy in late 2020 to serve in the Northern Fleet. The main weapon of the Project 885/885M submarines are Kalibr and/or Oniks cruise missiles.