Russian Pacific Fleet’s exercise.

The Russian Pacific Fleet’s naval strike group and coastal defense teams have held a live-fire exercise, hitting two drifting target vessels with seven missiles, the Fleet’s press office reported on Monday (Aug 27). “A naval strike group comprising the Pacific Fleet’s flagship, missile cruiser Varyag, and the small missile ships Razliv and Moroz, and also the nuclear-powered submarine Tomsk and the combat teams of the Bastion coastal defense missile systems have conducted fire against naval targets using cruise missiles,” the Fleet’s press office said.
As the Pacific Fleet’s press office said, “the missile strike against two drifting target vessels with Vulkan, Granit, Malakhit and Oniks cruise missiles was delivered from the Sea of Okhotsk and from the coast of Kamchatka Peninsula.” The targets were at a distance of 250 to 500 km. “The recording equipment’s data show that all the seven cruise missiles successfully hit the targets,” the press office said.