Russian Northern Fleet Conducts Exercises at Barents Sea

Photo Courtesy : TASS

Russian Northern Fleet’s naval strike group consist of the Nanuchka-III Class missile corvettes Aysberg (535) and Rassvet (520) conducted a firing exercise in the Barents Sea, the Fleet’s press office reported on Thursday (15th August).

“Today, the Northern Fleet’s surface action group has held planned drills at combat training ranges in the Barents Sea to practice fighting a notional enemy’s naval force. The crews of the small missile ships were assigned the task of countering the notional enemy’s naval group and conducting missile firings from the main missile system by an electronic launch,” the press office said in a statement.

The coastal minesweepers Kotelnich and Solovetsky Yunga simulated the notional enemy during the drills, the statement reads.

“Before they return to their base, the Northern Fleet sailors will practice a series of shipboard drills for damage control at sea and everyday activity of the warships’ crews. They will also conduct exercises for joint maneuvering and establishing communications between the naval group’s ships in the areas of intensive shipping,” according to the statement.

Nanuchka-III Class (Project 1234.1):

Project 1234.1 small missile ships are designated to fight a potential enemy’s ships in inland seas and in the coastal zone. The warships are armed with six Malakhit anti-ship cruise missiles, AK-176 and AK-630 artillery guns, the Osa-MA surface-to-air missile complex and electronic warfare systems.