Russian Navy completed exercise at Baltic Sea

Photo Courtesy : Reddit

Russia’s Baltic Fleet completed its scheduled naval drills that involved up to 20 surface ships and support vessels, the Fleet’s press office reported on 10th April.

“During several days, the Fleet’s ships consolidated into tactical groups performed designated anti-submarine warfare, air defense and mine countermeasures assignments at the Baltic Sea naval ranges,” the press office.

During the drills, the warships’ crews fired artillery guns against air, sea and coastal targets of various complexity, carried out depth bombing and practiced mine and torpedo exercises, the statement says.

The tactical groupings comprising a total of up to 20 combat ships and support vessels included Project 20380 corvettes, amphibious assault ships and boats, small missile and anti-submarine warfare ships, missile boats and minesweepers and auxiliary fleet vessels, the press office specified.

After accomplishing the assigned missions at the Baltic Sea naval ranges, the warships returned to their home bases and switched to their planned combat training, the press office said.