Russian Navy air defense forces shadow German and US air assets over Baltic and Black Seas

Photo Courtesy: Kongsberg

The air defense quick reaction alert forces of Russia’s Black Sea and Baltic Fleets shadowed US and German air assets over the Black and Baltic Seas, the Russian National Defense Control Center reported on 22nd July.

“Today, the reconnaissance radar systems of these fleets’ air defense quick reaction alert forces detected US Air Force P-8A Poseidon and U-2S reconnaissance planes over the Black Sea and a German Air Force P-3C Orion spy aircraft over the Baltic Sea,” the Center said in a statement.

“The air defense quick reaction alert forces of the Black Sea and Baltic Fleets carried out their shadowing,” it said.

No violations of Russia’s state border were allowed, the National Defense Control Center stressed.

The Russian Armed Forces regularly have to scramble their aircraft to intercept NATO planes approaching Russia’s borders. Thus, on July 17, the Northern Fleet’s fighter aircraft shadowed a Norwegian Air Force P-3C Orion plane over the Barents Sea.

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