Russian Minesweepers conduct drills at the Black Sea

The Black Sea Fleet’s minesweepers Kovrovets and Ivan Golubets held drills in the Black Sea, the Fleet’s press office reported on 25th January.

“The crews of the Black Sea Fleet’s ocean minesweepers Kovrovets and Ivan Golubets accomplished the elements of the second training assignment at one of combat training naval ranges in the Black Sea. As part of planned measures, the minesweepers’ crews led ships behind sweeps with an exercise to negotiate a notional mine obstacle. The minesweepers’ artillery teams struck naval targets that simulated floating sea mines,” the press office said in a statement.

At the concluding stage of the drills, specialists of minesweeping groups from both warships laid mines for training purposes and subsequently collected them.

At the next stage of combat training, the minesweepers’ crews will provide mine countermeasures support for the planned drills of the Black Sea Fleet’s naval groups.