Russian Baltic Fleet ships left homeport for Atlantic deployment

Photo Courtesy : TASS

According to the statement of the Russian Baltic Fleet’s press office on 19th February, a naval force composed of Steregushchiy-class corvette “Stoiky” and Ropucha class amphibious landing ship “Korolyov” departed from the naval base of Baltiysk in Russia’s westernmost Kaliningrad Region and set off for their deployment to the Atlantic.

“The corvette Stoiky and the large amphibious assault ship Korolyov have embarked on a long-distance mission in accordance with their combat training plan for 2020 as part of the Baltic Fleet’s permanent presence in the area of its responsibility,” the press office said in a statement.

The warships are carrying counter-terror squads from the Baltic Fleet’s marine infantry, the statement says.

During its deployment in distant waters, the Baltic Fleet’s naval group will fulfil a number of tasks to search for a notional enemy’s submarines with the help of basic anti-submarine warfare systems and a deck-based Ka-27 helicopter, repel a simulated enemy’s air attack and missile strike. In addition, the naval sailors will fire small artillery guns and small arms to strike naval targets, according to the statement.

Marine infantry units will hold anti-terror drills to repel an attack by notional terrorists on the ship during anchorages in an unsafe roadstead and in the course of passing through straits, the press office said.

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Ropucha class amphibious landing ship