Russia unveils new aircraft carrier design

Photo Courtesy: TASS

The Nevsky Design Bureau (PKB) of Russia has developed two new projects of universal ships, universal sea ship (UMK) named Varan and a new universal landing ship (UDC).

UMK Varan is an aircraft-carrying complex, characterized by a high degree of automation and the possibility of using robotic systems. It is expected to be able to carry 24 multipurpose aircraft, 6 helicopters and up to 20 UAVs, Nevsky said in a booklet released on the occasion of its 90th anniversary.

The ship’s displacement will be about 45,000. It has a length – about 250 m, width of 65 m, draft at the structural waterline – 9 m. Varan is capable of speeds up to 26 knots.

The displacement of another new ship designed by PKB, the universal landing ship (UDC) is about 30,000 tons. The length of the ship reaches about 220 m, the width is 42 m, the draft along the constructive waterline is 7 m. The new UDC is capable of developing a speed of about 24 knots. There are seven helicopter landing sites on the deck of the ship.

Russia’s current aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov which suffered from crane accident and lethal fire accident in the shipyard is planned to set for sea trials by 2022.