Russia to sign a deal with Zaliv Shipyard for 2 Lavina Class LHD

Photo Source : Wikiwand

Russia is planning to sign a contract worth about 1.3 billion dollars with Zaliv Shipyard located in Crimea for construction of 2 Lavina Class helicopter carriers.

“Construction contract is slated for signing in late April. The helicopter carriers’ cost will be slightly less than 100 billion rubles,” a source of TASS agency said.

According to the source, the ships should be laid down in early May.

“The lead ship should be commissioned in 2026, and the second one should be commissioned in 2027,” the source said.

No official comments are available.

Universal landing ships, also known as helicopter carriers, have never been built in Russia and the USSR before. In the past, Russia had ordered France to build two Mistral but was refused delivery by Paris because of Western sanctions.

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Based on the design of the Mistral, Russia has displayed a design model of the LHD, although it has not been confirmed, but analysts have said that this is an attack landing ship that is about to be built for Russian Navy.