Russia to hold naval drills with Kazakhstan in the Caspian Sea

Caspian Sea
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Russia has been conducting bilateral military exercises with the countries of the Caspian Sea to keep its bilateral ties strong and maintain its superiority in the region that has rich resources.

Russian Navy’s Caspian flotilla will conduct a bilateral naval exercise with Kazakhstan naval assets in the Caspian Sea to practice providing security of shipping and fighting terrorism, the press office of Russia’s Southern Military District reported on Monday.

According to an article released by the TASS agency, the drills will run at Russian and Kazakhstani naval practice ranges in the medium part of the Caspian Sea on May 18-24. Russia will be represented by six warships in the drills.

“The seamen of Russia and Kazakhstan will practice joint measures to protect and defend maritime economic facilities, provide for the security of shipping and international maritime activity and fight terrorism in the region. In the course of joint maneuvers, the seamen will conduct artillery firings against sea and air targets, practice mine countermeasures and anti-sabotage activities involving frogmen units,” the press office said in a statement.

A Su-34 bomber will take part in the naval maneuvers to simulate an air target.

The drills’ joint command and headquarters will involve Russian and Kazakhstani naval officers. In the course of the joint drills, the seamen of the navies from both countries will exchange data on the results of monitoring the air and the naval situation in the region.

Naval Post Comment: Russia tries to keep strong relations with the countries of the region in order to maintain its superiority in the Caspian Region. It considers the way to keep these relations at a good level as to conduct joint military exercises and conducting joint naval activities in the region, including Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. Because exporting the energy resources in the Caspian region to countries such as China outside of Russia’s control will negatively affect Russia’s economy. Thus, it attaches great importance to keeping the region under control.

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Maritime jurisdiction areas in the Caspian Sea

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