Russia to build a base for nuclear UUVs by 2022

Image Courtesy: Russian MoD

Russia plans to complete the work on the construction of a coastal base for nuclear unmanned underwater vehicles Poseidon (dubbed as Doomsday weapon) in the summer of 2022, local sources in Russia shared.

According to information from the terms of reference for the implementation of the relevant work, the functions of the coastal base are to provide maintenance and storage of the “new strategic deterrence weapon.” It is planned to prepare the Poseidons for combat duty and launches at the constructed facility. The location of the coastal base has not been reported and other details are not provided at the moment.

Earlier, the Federal News Agency reported that the Khabarovsk nuclear submarine with Poseidon drones on board is planned to be launched in the first half of 2021. At the same time, the first standard carrier of the drone will be the K-32 Belgorod nuclear submarine of project 09852. Military experts ranked the Poseidon among the so-called “magnificent five” of the latest weapons of the Russian Federation. The list also includes the Sarmat, Petrel, Tsirkon and Avangard missiles.