Russia and Norway Exercising Together in the Barents Sea

Norwegian Coast Guard vessel KV Sortland
Norwegian Coast Guard vessel KV Sortland" takes part in Exercise Barents 2019

Norwegian and Russian forces started the annual Barents exercise on June 2, which has been conducted annually for more than 20 years, with few exceptions.

The main objectives of the exercise are to practice joint actions in the search and rescue of people in distress at sea, to prevent oil pollution in the sea area under conditions of intensive industrial development of the Arctic.

The Russian Northern Fleet is represented by the rescue tug ship Nikolai Chiker, the IL-38 aircraft and the Ka-27 helicopter.

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Russia and Norway Exercising Together in the Barents Sea 3

On behalf of the Russian side, the international exercise will also involve the forces and means of the Murmansk branches of the maritime rescue and coordination center Administration of Seaports of the Western Arctic, Rosmorrechflot Marine Rescue Service, State Corporation for Air Traffic Management in the Russian Federation, Northern Expeditionary Rescue Team and the border department of the Federal Security Service of Russia for the Western Arctic region.

Norwegian participants include resources from the Coast Radio, the Coast Guard, the 330 and 333 squadrons, Avinor (National Aviation Authority), the Joint Operation Headquarters, Air Traffic Services, and the civilian volunteer organization Society for Rescue at Sea.

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Russian Northern Fleet SAR helicopter Ka-27 lift off people from “Murman” rescue vessel. Photo: Thomas Nilsen Barents-2019


This year, the general leadership of the exercise will be carried out by the Norwegian side. Barents is the only exercise of the search and rescue forces conducted by Russia and Norway in the Arctic region on an annual basis. The Barents International Exercise is held annually in accordance with the 1995 Barents SAR Agreement between the Russian government and the Norwegian government on cooperation in search and rescue in the Barents Sea.

The exercise is led by both the Russian and the Norwegian side in turn.

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