Rolls-Royce to showcase future South Korean naval power and propulsion systems in MADEX 2021

The Rolls-Royce MT30 marine gas turbine was selected for the Republic of Korea Navy’s (RoKN) FFX Batch III frigate

Rolls-Royce is this week showcasing future naval power and propulsion capabilities at the South Korean Defence exhibition, MADEX.

The new power and propulsion model will be on display, demonstrating Rolls-Royce’s extensive capabilities for both Integrated Full Electric and Hybrid Electric Propulsion solutions for modern naval vessels, Rolls Royce announced with a press release.

Rolls-Royce already has proven experience with the Republic of Korea Navy (RoKN), has introduced a revolutionary, modern and simple, hybrid propulsion system arrangement for all eight ships in the Daegu-class FFX Batch II Anti-Submarine Warfare frigate programme – each powered by a single MT30 gas turbine and electric propulsion motors powered by four Rolls-Royce MTU diesel generators per ship. A similar system arrangement has more recently been selected for the Ulsan-class programme.

Beyond the FFX programme, Rolls-Royce is the only manufacturer in the world that has provided naval marine gas turbine generators into front-line integrated full electric (IFEP) powered destroyers and aircraft carriers. Rolls-Royce has extensive and proven experience in IFEP powered warships. The Royal Navy’s Type 45 destroyers are powered by Rolls-Royce’s WR-21 engines. Two MT30 main gas turbine generator sets and two Rolls-Royce RR4500 auxiliary turbine generator sets supply 78MW of total ship power to U.S. Navy’s Zumwalt-class destroyers. The Royal Navy’s Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carriers, due to visit South Korea later this year, combine two MT30 36MW gas turbine alternators with four medium speed diesel generators delivering 112 MW of electrical power.

Jay Lee (Jongyel Lee), President of Rolls-Royce Korea, explains the integrated electric propulsion system model (Source: Rolls Royce)

The power density of the proven marine MT30 gas turbine genset is also one of the key enablers for Integrated Full Electric Propulsion (IFEP) for the next – generation RoKN destroyer (KDDX). MT30 alone is delivering huge design benefits through its power density, significantly reducing the number of gas turbines required to power advanced naval platforms.

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Jay Lee (Jongyel Lee), Vice President of Business Development & Future Programmes, Defence – Naval, Korea said: “Rolls-Royce remains at the forefront of naval propulsion technology. Our advanced naval power capabilities are powering many of the world’s most advanced platforms in all conceivable propulsion configurations and importantly support the Republic of Korea Navy’s SMART Navy Vision. We are delighted to be showcasing our capability at MADEX this year, through our new power and propulsion model. We look forward to having an opportunity to build on the important relationships with our customers including the Republic of Korea Navy.”

“Selecting the right power and propulsion system is one of the most important decisions our customers will face when designing their new platforms. We are committed to working closely with the Republic of Korea Navy to provide them with the most adaptable propulsion systems based on the most modern technology available today. This will ensure our customers can retain their military advantage via future technology insertion without having to endure costly upgrades to legacy power generation capability throughout the life of their ships.”

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